Searching for Cheaper Airfares

Dissatisfied with the ticket prices from your home airport to your final destination?  Try separating your itinerary in order to find cheaper flight combinations!  This tactic works particularly well when your main airport hub routes aren’t that strong to your final destination.

For example, I live in Miami but am looking at airfares to China.  As you can imagine, there aren’t any direct or heavily traveled routes from Miami to China, although Miami generally has some pretty strong Latin American, US East Coast, and European routes.  Here’s the main route map from American Airlines in Miami:


By splitting up the itinerary into two components, MIA to the West Coast, and the West Coast to China, you can significantly reduce the total cost of travel and have better control over your itinerary (if you’re going to stop in Vancouver, why not stay a couple days…)

This works  because different airlines (and airline alliances) tend to more efficient in certain routes.  If you split up your itinerary you can take advantage of different airlines’ comparative route strengths and efficiencies.

Here’s an example of the potential cost if booking from Miami to China during June 2017:

Miami to Chengdu


Here’s an example if you book first from Miami to the West Coast (Vancouver), and then the West Coast (Vancouver) to China (Chengdu):

Miami to Vancouver


Vancouver to Chengdu


The savings in this case end up being pretty substantial, up to $565 or more.

What are some other tactics you use when booking airfare for personal travel?

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