Stay at IHG Hotels for $35 Per Night

Update: In an earlier post, we showed how you could buy and use hotel points for rooms for as little as $21 per night at Hilton.  They recently extended their promotion to 10/31/2016, so you have a couple more days to find out if there are any category 1 or 2 properties you would visit!

Update: The latest list for PointBreaks properties available for booking from 10/31/2016 to 1/31/2017 is available here.

By buying and redeeming points at IHG hotels (Holiday Inn, Crowne Plaza, Intercontinental), you can book rooms for as little as $35 per night at PointBreaks properties.

To be honest, the current list is pretty crappy but is valid only until 10/31/2016, after which they will likely release a new list of PointBreaks hotels.

Capacity at the best hotels on the list are usually snagged quickly — the initial version of this list had Intercontinental and Crowne Plaza availability in Cambodia, India, Japan, Argentina, etc., including InterContinental Phnom Penh, pictured above.


Create an IHG account and take advantage of their bonus when purchasing IHG points now through November 16, 2016.  Sign in here to take a look at your personalized offer.  I’ve heard of discounts with bonuses up to 100%, but in my case, I was only offered 80%. 🙁


In this case, I would earn up to 6 nights free at PointBreaks hotels at a cost of only $35 per night.  Keep in mind that you can only book two reward night reservations through PointBreaks during each special offer time period.

Have you tried purchasing points for hotel stays?


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