Save Hundreds of Dollars on Your Commute

However you commute, consider getting a Capital One Quicksilver card and using it to pay for uberPOOL to save tons of money.

This only makes cents if the cost of taking uberPOOL to and from work is close to or less than what you’re paying to commute now.  If you drive, include tolls, gas, maintenance, depreciation and parking when computing your cost.

For example, if your uberPOOL fare to/from work is around $4 like mine, this method makes tons of cents.  For every 9 Uber trips I take and pay for with my Capital One Quicksilver card, I earn one free ride or UberEATS credit valued at up to $15.

For every $36 I spend on uberPOOL to/from work, I earn $15 in credit to use when I want on a trip or on food.  In total, I get an additional 29% return on my already discounted uberPOOL trips (typically a 20% to 50% discount, although sometimes the uberPOOL discounts are higher).

Assuming 10 paid trips per week and 46 workweeks, I can earn 51 $15 Uber credits worth $765, free of income tax (I believe), for something I would do anyways.

Cents Saved: 102,000* – That’s yuge!
*after adding back 25% in taxes if it were income.

Keep in mind these Uber Quicksilver credits have an expiration date.  Other benefits of using uberPOOL to commute include reduced CO2 emissions, and getting rid of a major reason for owning an expensive, depreciating car.

Does this trick make cents for you?

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