Recipes That Make Cents

If you haven’t discovered “If This Then That“, then today’s going to be an awesome day.

It only takes a couple minutes to set up, and while the rule (“recipe”) is still valid, you get automated notifications sent straight to your inbox!

It’s a simple but powerful concept.  This tool is amazing if you love traveling and are flexible about when and where you’d like to travel.

For example, I got this killer deal from Miami to Oslo for only $238 round trip which I almost booked.


Instead of having to monitor websites like TheFlightDeal or FareDealAlert for flight deals (and scrolling through all kinds of fares that don’t apply to my home airport MIA), I can get deals to or from MIA sent straight to my inbox.

Here’s how it works.

First, create an account at https://ifttt.com/.

Second, go to “My Recipes” and click “Create a Recipe.”

Third, you have to choose a trigger channel.  Since most websites have RSS feeds, that’s a simple one to start with.  Another easy one is twitter.


Fourth, you choose the relevant rule for your channel that you’d like your recipe to operate under.

For RSS channels choose the “New Feed Item Matches” option so you can insert some qualifying rules and not get your inbox flooded with alerts.

Fifth, choose your trigger.  For me, it’s usually “MIA”  if I’m creating a recipe for airfare deals specifically.

If you chose the RSS option include the website’s feed url that you want to follow with your recipe.  In some cases, it’s as simple as finding the city page on the site you want, and adding “/feed/” to the end

For example, the Miami FareDealAlert page is http://faredealalert.com/category/fare-deals/mia/feed/

Finally, you want to choose the action from the trigger.  There are many options, including those that I don’t understand yet, but some simple ones to use are “email” and “SMS”.

Once you set up a bunch of recipes, then wait for the deals to come to you, and profit!

To me, this tactic makes cents, but you can also create recipes and browse recipes that can help simplify your life with automatic notifications and actions, such as automatically downloading your instagram posts from your travels to dropbox, and more!

Simply “Browse” for keywords, and adapt recipes already created for your needs!  For example, click this link to browse recipes that contain the “Travel” keyword.

Here are some sample recipes that I’ve set up:

If new feed item matches ‘mia’ from http://thepointsguy.com/category/amazing-deal-alerts/feed, then send me an email at _____

If new feed item matches ‘mia’ from http://www.flyertalk.com/forum/external.php?type=rss2&forumids=372, then send me an email at ______

If new feed item matches ‘mia’ from http://faredealalert.com/category/fare-deals/mia/feed/, then send me an email at _____

If new feed item matches ‘mia’ from http://www.theflightdeal.com/category/flight-deals/miami/feed/, then send me an email at _____

If new tweet from search for MIA from:secretflying, then send me an email at _____

Once you find a flight deal you like, don’t forget to visit this page to learn about how to hack hotel best rate guarantee policies, or this page and this page to learn about point hacks!

Please share any useful recipes you find in the comments!

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