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How I Made $10,000 While On Vacation in Mexico

Just 2.5 weeks ago, I posted 3 reasons why I thought BAC.WSA was a compelling investment, mostly for informational and tracking purposes.

I wanted to share what’s happened since to give an example of what might happen when you start getting your money to work for you!

(You can put money to work by investing in stocks, bonds, funds, real estate, or almost anything that suits your fancy.  Just make sure to carefully vet and weigh the merits and risk of your choice first.)

Remember, cash sitting in your bank account is just losing money.

In any case, Bank of America “A” Warrants have gone absolutely bonkers.

The warrants are up almost 30% in the past week alone, and up 59% in just the last 3 months.


Most of the recent increase has occurred when I started my vacation two days ago — doing absolutely nothing productive for society to earn this paper return ;).

In any case, I’ve been holding these warrants for a while, so this three month run came a little later than expected — but I’m happy regardless that it’s come.

The recent windfall, if compounded in a tax benefit account for 38 years at 15% per annum, can turn into an absurd amount in 38 years.


One can dream, right?

IPI, you’re up next!

Have you had any crazy investment stories recently?


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