Big Rigs, Life Journeys and the Holidays: Making Sense of Investing (Without Wisdom Teeth) in 315 Words

Post-wisdom teeth extraction I feel like my face was in the center of a big rig collision.  I have also spent most of the day hopped up on Vicodin and sleeping as much as possible.

Anyways, these minor health issues help set up context for my biggest thought this holiday season: money is useful insofar that you can use it for good and enjoyment; money is an obstacle when it becomes a hindrance for good and enjoyment.

On this blog, we focus on cents as a tool to make our lives better, and use tactics like harvesting tax losses and investing to grow our financial freedom.  This focus only makes sense insofar that we have good health, love the people around us and are enjoying a meaningful life.

I can’t buy the safety, security and companionship my best friend DD gives me when I’m at home, in pain, or in need of support.  I can’t purchase or rent time with friends that I care about, or memories and adventures that last a lifetime.

But it doesn’t cost any money to give and receive support, companionship and empathy.  If you believe this, like I do, then why does it seem that sometimes our society is lacking in support, companionship or empathy when its something that can be freely given?

In any case, wherever we are in our financial and life journeys, hopefully we all have a group of people that we care about and who care about us.  This group of people can grow or shrink (and if they are genuine relationships cost nothing to maintain) — but whenever and however we invest in these relationships we all profit in ways that money cannot measure.

This is to say, the most important investment that we can make, in my mind, is in each other.

Happy holidays and here’s to looking forward to an even better year in 2017!

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