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First Week In Review: Cents Saved Update

It’s crazy that a week has passed by already – I feel like a lot has happened here and in the world.

In the first week, we introduced a challenge to save or earn $10,000 or more by making smarter decisions with money.

Here’s how I’m tracking in my journey to meet this goal.

1. I anticipate saving $1,000 worth of spending by taking UberPOOL for short/commute trips and paying for my trips with my Capital One Quicksilver card.

2. I used the hotel best guarantee program to save $137 on a recently booked vacation to Mexico City.

3. I’m going to “invest” all those savings in IPI — a company that I’ve been writing about these past couple days and will continue to follow and analyze in the near future.  I will use my ROTH IRA account to make this investment, to avoid future taxes and save for my retirement if I earn income on this investment.

Today, the stock closed at $1.07, leaving me with 1062 shares of IPI, at a cost basis of $1,136.34. Looking forward to seeing what happens from here!

How are you tracking towards saving or earning an extra $10,000?

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