IPI: Show me the money

IPI recently posted its latest quarterly earnings, and the results are extremely surprising. First, the company posted ‘losses’ of $13mm.  However, their ‘losses’ are misleading, because non-cash charges account for a portion of their earnings. Thus, when you strip away non-cash charges such as depreciation and amortization, the company generated around $7 to $10mm in


Searching for Cheaper Airfares

Dissatisfied with the ticket prices from your home airport to your final destination?  Try separating your itinerary in order to find cheaper flight combinations!  This tactic works particularly well when your main airport hub routes aren’t that strong to your final destination. For example, I live in Miami but am looking at airfares to China.  As


QuickPost: My Latest Stock Purchase

This post is not meant to be construed as investment advice, you are solely responsible for your own investment decisions and any risk associated with investment decisions that you make.  Please consult your requisite investment and/or tax advisors. Recently, I’ve been accumulating a small position in GNW. Quite simply, the company’s shares are trading around


Big Rigs, Life Journeys and the Holidays: Making Sense of Investing (Without Wisdom Teeth) in 315 Words

Post-wisdom teeth extraction I feel like my face was in the center of a big rig collision.  I have also spent most of the day hopped up on Vicodin and sleeping as much as possible. Anyways, these minor health issues help set up context for my biggest thought this holiday season: money is useful insofar that you can